We provide solar power plants for municipal and state energy projects, systems for household and commercial use.
We offer traditional grid-tied and off grid systems as well as a unique concept, superior energy generation 24h.

Hybrid and Off Grid System

The off grid system is equipped with batteries that store energy for use in the dark. The number of batteries can vary depending on the amount of energy required. See here an example package with 50 kW panels. See here an example package with 4 kW panels. The hybrid system uses both grid and storage batteries.

Solar energy generator

Guaranteed 3 x more energy production

We are taking one of the biggest step of the 21st century in the solar energy economy. Production of solar energy has been hampered by poor efficiency. Now it is history, we promise at least three times, but even 5-10 times better energy production with a new innovation compared to the traditional system.

Solar energy 24h/day

Energy is generating at all hours of the day.

Update an existing plant

The use of functional existing solar panels with new technology is possible. The electricity generation will increase dramatically thanks to the new innovation.

Production Cooperation

New innovations need a lot of manufacturing capacity. We are looking for partners to start production in the electronics industry in several countries.


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