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Import from China, no matter where your home is. Lite Lion is your future business partner. You can focus on the sales that matter most to you. We will take care of your purchases according to your wishes and even more. Our team makes recommendations and compete with the producers of the goods. We bring together supplies and save costs and the environment.

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Lite Lion Office Team
Lite Lion Office Team

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The Bridge between Europe and China

We are a professional seller of Covid-19 protective equipment. Contact us immediately if you need masks, protective suits, thermometers, or hospital electronics. We will send the technical data and certificates of the products with the offer.

! Be careful, the internet is full of fake sites that trade in protective equipment. Pictures of large warehouses are usually old and stolen. Behind the sites are international scammers plunging into every new trend of money and fast trades.

Covid 19 Protection Material
Covid-19 protective material

Medical Equipment

Lite Lion Solar cells
Lite Lion Solar Cells

Remember the environment”

We offer unlimited opportunities to use environmentally friendly energy, from a private house to solar energy fields for example solar cells and wind mills. Check more.

Save nature so that our planet could be home to future generations as well.

Lite Lion Electronic Department
Lite Lion Electronic Department


Lite Lion is one of the leading players in the supply of electronic devices and LED technology. OEM product design is welcome.. examples of our categories.

EV Charging

E-car Charging units
For E-cars EV Charging

Car Was Water Recycling
Car Was Water Recycling

Video display Ball
Video Display Balls

Our safety department offers: roadside, rehabilitation and warning products.