About Lite Lion.

We are taking one of the biggest steps of the 21st century in the energy economy. Utilization of solar energy has been hampered by poor efficiency. We promise at least three times better energy production with a new innovation compared to the traditional one.
The ROI of each project will be 4-5 years. (with the exception of areas with a particularly low number of sunny days).

Lite Lion is a cost-effective channel to purchase a luxury yacht or other watercraft directly from the manufacturer. We also act as a wholesaler of smaller boats and marine products.

In addition to marine industry, we operate in electronics and in many othet technicalproduct sectors. Our expertise ensures that you only receive quotes from reputable manufacturers who meet our and your requirements. We operate as an export/import specialist in one of the world’s most up-to-date technological and business center, Hong Kong. We are also a professional seller of Covid-19 protective equipment. Contact us immediately if you need masks, protective suits, thermometers, or hospital electronics. We will send the technical data and certificates of the products with the offer.

About Lite Lion,  export/import from China
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