Does UV light kills viruses and bacteria? With a wavelength between 200 and 280 nanometer, the same light that causes sunburn has the disinfecting power. UV-DISINFECTION SOLUTIONS are fast and safe.

Our disinfection applications are as well suited for medical facilities as for private use. Hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, cars, work and storage facilities, all have a ready-made or customizable solution. Microprocessor-controlled timing, monitored by various sensors, keeps the process safe for humans. We have UV disinfection equipment for liquids as well. Our experts in in China and Europe will provide you with an offer with details.

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UVC AI Automatic Sterilizing Robot

UV Sterilizing Robot For Hospitals, Shopping Mall, Restaurants, Subway, Nursing Homes, Kindergartens, School

UV Sterilizing Robot is an efficient and environmentally friendly disinfection product. As one of the most effective disinfection methods for COVID-19, the product has the obvious advantages of high efficiency, broad-spectrum, thoroughness, no drug resistance, and no secondary pollution. It can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, subway cars, and other places.

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