The hybrid and off-grid solar system extends the use of solar energy to the dark period of the day. In daylight, the panels collect energy that can be used immediately and simultaneously stored in batteries. The inverter converts it to mains voltage. The off grid system does not use the local power grid unlike the hybrid system.

Solar panels
Solar panels
Hybrid inverter
LiFePO4 Batteries
LiFePO4 Battery

Steel mounting
Steel mounting

Solar Charging System for EV

EV Overnight Solar Charging Package

Overnight Charging With Energy Storage

Solution: EV charging during the night. In daytime, energy is collected in the battery and used during the night to charge the electric car. With a panel power of 12 kilowatts, the 72 kWh battery could be charged in 6 hours, most of that can be used overnight. The 30kW inverter is enough for a 22 kilowatt EV charging and if necessary for something else.

Hybrid And Off Grid Solar Energy system is a perfect for EV charging

Typical Specification:

12 kW panels

30 kW Hybrid inverter

72 kWh LiFePO4 batteries

Steel mountings for Solar Panels

Cables and connectors

Option: 22 kW charger (different models)

Solar Panels
Hybrid Inverter
LiFePO4 Battery
Steel Mountings