The Solar Energy Generator is a hybrid and off-grid solar system. That expands the use of solar energy 24/7 all year round. In daylight the panels collect energy for be used immediately and simultaneously stored in batteries. The inverter converts it to mains voltage. The best benefit is obtained by using the Off grid system, but the grid can be a small part of energy production.

The system saves 50% of space

The power of the panels is 50% of the rated power (e.g.100kW output and 50kW panels are needed). It saves dramatically the space of ground or the roof. We promise at least three times more energy production with a new innovation compared to the traditional one.

The price of energy produced is about USD0.02 / kWh

The price is affected by the location of the project, ie freight costs and the wage costs of the land.

The Solar Energy Generator
Battery storage