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The structure and composition of the single-use sampling tube are shown in the table below:

ModelStructure chart
1-10mlComposition with cup or tube and / or swab containing preservation solution

Expected usage

This product is used for the collection, transportation and storage of human nasopharynx and oropharynx samples.

Main components

 A type
(without lysis buffer)
Main components   A type (without lysis buffer)
Main components
red solution
B Type (with lysis buffer)
Main components
Sodium chloride, EDTA-K2, guanidine thiocyanate, 8-hydroxyquinoline

Storage conditions and validity period

Store at 2-35 ℃, can be used until the time stated on the label. (Sample requirements)

1. The sample after swab sampling should be immediately stored in the sampling tube.

2. After taking the sample, it should be stored in the sample storage solution. If it is not tested immediately, it can be stored at room temperature or refrigerated or frozen, but repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided.

3. Sampling swabs are strictly forbidden to put in the sample storage solution before use; after sampling, they should be placed in a storage tube containing the sample storage solution, break the swab near the top (with a break point mark), and then cover the tube cover sealed in plastic bags or other packaging containers, stored at specified temperature, and submitted for inspection.

4. Freshly collected samples should be shipped to the laboratory within 48 hours. If used for nucleic acid testing, the purified nucleic acid should be extracted as soon as possible; those that cannot be sent to the laboratory within 48 hours can be stored at room temperature (2-35 ° C) for 7 days.

Sterile Medical Test Sample Collection
Sterile Medical Test Sample Collection

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