Aluminium profiles

Lite Lion is one of the largest suppliers of LED products.

Aluminium profiles for LED strips are required for strip installation. The profile serves as cooling and the profile cover provides optically better light than without the cover. The cover also serves as a mechanical shield and prevents dust and dirt from reaching the surface of the leds.

Lite Lion is one of the largest suppliers of aluminium profiles. Over 200 standard designs of complete profile with cover and accessories are available . OEM orders are welcome . Do not hesitate to request a quote for any LED products.


aluminium profiles for led strips
Aluminium profiles for led strips:

ALU-profiles part1 Global

ALU-profiles part2 Global

ALU-profiles part3 Global

ALU-profiles part4 for European market only

ALU-profiles part5 Global 2020

The profiles and cover are available in sizes: 1000 mm, 2003-2020 mm. Dimensions of 3000 mm and 4000 mm are also available after prior consultation. It is possible to cut profiles to any dimension. The most of profiles are available also in white and black,

We also offer modern architectural, curved and unusually shaped LED luminaires.

curvy aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles for public use