Mask Vending Machine

Lite Lion has specially developed novel service concept for retail chains: The Face Mask Vending Machine. It is suitable to place in the sales spaces and lobbies. The device is a detached, free-standing unit and its Slim Line shape saves floor area.

The terminal has the contactless cards as primary payment method because it is the most hygienic one. This Machine has a few other innovational hygiene aids to meet the newest antibacterial/antimicrobial standards. We are looking forward on telling you more about the unique features of this Face Mask Vending Machine. The masks from the Machine are individually packed. We deliver products for sale from the vending machine on a long-term contract and on particularly competitive terms. The Face Mask Vending Machine’s complectation is variable. The cover colours, payment methods and other details are negotiable and can be specified in according to the client’s needs.  
The prevention and protection of communicable diseases are often a measure funded by the state or the European Union.

For the best results of hygiene, the mask sales point and sanitizer are side by side.

Full-size mask vending machines are also available for the needs of the entire mall.